Be prepared for ice and snow with a top quality ice melt blend

Don’t be caught in ice and snow this winter without a dependable ice melt packager. AgSalt is prepared to supply your ice melt needs. The TruMelt™ brand includes 5 ice melt blends with melting effectiveness from 5° to -20° F.

Compare ice-melt products before you buy

Make sure you know what is in the bag before you buy. Many ice melt blends have very little magnesium or calcium mixed into the blend. Ice-melt products are often sold without full disclosure of melting ingredient. We disclose the exact percentage of blended magnesium or calcium. We are committed to help distributors understand how ice-melt products perform under ice and snow conditions. We listen to your needs and offer real solutions. In the end, we want our ice melt products to go beyond your expectation. Give us a call.

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